Skytrack Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

Skytrack Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is a company specializing in innovative development and marketing of leading edge proprietary technology that blends mechanical engineering, electronic control and information systems to make technologically advanced products. The company is based in Kota Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia.

What is Skytrack System?

Our system consists of Skytrack GPS Tracking Hardware which is installed in the vehicle. We will provide an web access username and password for you to login into our server to manage the vehicle. We offer multi-tier management control according to customer requirements (ie. managers, servicing department, and etc). All tracking can be done by yourself or you management people.

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What we offer?

Most companies would like to have total control of their vehicles and saving for their company. Stealing of gasoline is rampant among drivers and it is almost impossible to monitor. Mileage claims from staff are also hard to verify by management team and most of the time is based on trust. Our system will help manage your vehicle effectively and conveniently by offering the following services:

a. Realtime Tracking
b. History Replay function.
c. Reporting
d. Fuels Reading
e. RFID system
e. Camera

We are a Service Provider for Vehicle Management Systems with GPS tracking

  • Why do you need to have a Manager/Supervisor in your factory?
  • Once your staffs are on the road after leaving your office/factory, how do you Manage/Supervise them?
  • Skytrack Vehicle Management System with GPS tracking provides REALTIME tracking and History Replay Functions for vehicle movements of up to 180days that will monitor your vehicles efficiently.
  • With our powerful tracking features, it will allow you and your customers monitor their precious cargo in realtime.
  • Are your drivers driving at speeds allowed by you?
  • Is he resting at stops approved by your company/customers?
  • Is he driving according to the route designated by you?
  • Do you have problems tracking your drivers/technicians/staff on the road?
  • Can you explain to your valuable clients on late deliveries?

Is it expensive?

Most GPS tracking system cost a bomb but not ours. Our vehicle management subscriptions starts from RM 59.00 to RM 158.00 monthly which is almost half the charges than most GPS tracking company charges and this is inclusive of the network and Telco data plan. No hidden cost! With SkytrackGPS, everybody can monitor and track

The above are only a few of the features highlighted by us. We would like to have a opportunity to present a live demo of our system at your venue convenient to you. Please contact us by dropping an email and we will get our sales team to contact you immediately.